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Providing a secure, encouraging foundation through the highs and lows of pregnancy, postpartum, loss, fertility challenges, & family building.

Welcome to Duluth Perinatal

Amid pregnancy, postpartum adjustments, loss, birth trauma recovery, & infertility battles, distinct emotional needs surface. Pregnancy intertwines joy with anxiety; postpartum adjustment brings exhaustion, loneliness, & identity confusion while raising a new human; healing from birth trauma demands delicate balance of processing experiences while enjoying the present; infertility triggers grief, guilt, & isolation. Specialized perinatal mental health services provide essential validation, coping skills, support with adjustment & matrescence, and resilience guidance to navigate these intricate journeys & foster emotional healing.

With a deep understanding of the various challenges that can arise during these transformative phases of life, you'll receive a safe, nurturing space to explore & process your feelings, fears, & aspirations. Duluth Perinatal is committed to empowering mamas & dads navigating these life-altering experiences with resilience, insight, support, & renewed hope.

Support for parents, especially mamas, is paramount.

You deserve to be held and cared for, too. 

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