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Grief & Loss


  • Pregnancy After Loss Support (PALS) offers information and support via groups and social media.

  • Star Legacy Foundation provides information and support to those who have experienced pregnancy loss, infant loss or stillbirth.

  • Return to Zero This is an amazing organization that provides so many resources for those who have experienced miscarriage, termination for medical reasons (TFMR), other types of pregnancy loss (ectopic pregnancy, blighted ovum, molar pregnancy), neonatal death, infant death, and toddler death. Click on For Parents to see what topics are most helpful to you.

  • Postpartum Support International Online Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support groups led by PSI trained facilitators help bereaved parents find support as well as provide useful information and resources to help navigate loss.

  • Star Legacy Foundation Several groups are offered for free, online, and in English and Spanish. They include bereaved parents, pregnancy after loss, dads grief, grandparents grief, parenting after loss, and coping with SUID/SIDS and infant death.

  • The Finley Project The Finley Project® is committed to providing care for mothers who have experienced the unimaginable - the loss of an infant. Our devoted team provides a lifeline for mothers in the minutes, hours and days after infant loss through a 7-Part Holistic Program that supports each mother physically, emotionally and spiritually at no financial cost to them.

  • Still Birth Day | A Pregnancy Loss is Still a Birthday Support for loss at all stages of pregnancy.

  • Ending a Wanted Pregnancy A group of parents who have made the decision to end a wanted pregnancy following a poor prenatal diagnosis or for maternal health reasons.

  • A Heartbreaking Choice Support for those who have terminated a much wanted pregnancy.

  • 1 in 10  A blog of stories where individuals had no good choices, sought out as much information as they could, and made the most loving and selfless decision possible.

  • TFMR Mamas Resources, podcast, support groups, education, and more built by one parent who experienced shattering loss in 2020. 

  • Hand to Hold | NICU Babies | Support for Bereaved Families This is a subpage of a NICU family organization and offers support groups, counseling, one-on-one peer support, a podcast, resources, and articles.

  • The TEARS Foundation Seeks to compassionately lift a financial burden from families who have lost a child by providing funds to assist with the cost of burial or cremation services. They also offer parents comprehensive bereavement care in the form of grief support groups and peer companions.​



Support Groups


Sometimes dads/partners are left out of the grieving and processing experience because the loss didn't happen to their bodies. However, dads/partners feel many things: the loss of growing the family, feeling helpless about what is happening to their partner, traumatized watching their partner go through the physical and emotional loss, and so much more.


Return to Zero has many resources for fathers/partners experiencing loss.

Dad Still Standing podcast is two dads discussing baby loss, coping with life, and working their way through grief. 

Men & Miscarriage is a blog with three articles, from a man’s perspective, that might be helpful.

Dad's Grief Discussion Group is a free online support group out of Minneapolis by Star Legacy Foundation.

Sad Dads Club is a safe, supportive community for dads out of Maine.

Guys and Grief Podcast for men who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

Healing Toolkits for Men by the Institute of Reproductive Grief Care.

Dads with Wisdom offers mens support groups for perinatal loss online out of Maryland (contact them as the groups aren't currently listed on the website).

The Miscarriage Association offers a leaflet for all partners whose partner experienced a pregnancy loss.

Empty Arms Bereavement has many resources for partners and their loss process.

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre is available for anyone touched by pregnancy and infant loss.

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