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Duluth Perinatal is currently in-network with the following insurance companies:

- BlueCross BlueShield, BluePlus

- Medica


- United HealthCare


- UCare

- Minnesota Medical Assistance (MA)

- Health Partners

Please note that a mental health diagnosis is required in order to bill your insurance. You will need to complete a diagnostic assessment in order to explore how your concern(s), symptoms, and other information impact your functioning which is all used to identify if you meet specific criteria for a DSM-5 diagnosis. Along with a diagnosis are CPT codes which communicates to an insurance provider what service(s) were provided.


Common CPT codes for outpatient behavioral/mental health services include:

- 90791 Diagnostic Assessment ($200)

- 90834 Individual Therapy (38-52 min, $125)

- 90837 Individual Therapy (53+ min, $150)

- 90846 Family Therapy without client present (26-60+ min, $150)

- 90847 Family Therapy with client present (26-60+ min, $175)

If you don’t see your insurance company listed above you have the option to utilize out-of-network insurance benefits. You will still need to meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis. This means that you will pay the full cost of the session at the time of the service and afterwards a superbill will be generated for you to submit to your insurance for direct reimbursement. 

The full cost of a therapy session may not be covered by your insurance; this depends on your insurance plan and coverage which is different for each person. Any portion of a session fee not covered by insurance is your responsibility. Please contact your personal healthcare insurance provider for more information on in- and out-of-network coverage for outpatient behavioral/mental health services, and to ensure that Duluth Perinatal is in-network with your specific plan. 

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