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Introducing: Duluth Perinatal

Hello, and welcome! 👋

This is Duluth Perinatal, a professional resource and private therapy practice located in Duluth, Minnesota that offers mental health services to pregnant and postpartum individuals, couples, & families. Started in 2022 Duluth Perinatal was born to meet the needs of northern Minnesota by filling the gap in pregnancy and postpartum mental health support, advocacy, and treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

You may be curious what the origin story is for Duluth Perinatal. The more obviously recognizable word is Duluth. This is the place that I have called home since 2010. It’s where I have learned much about myself during my 20s and now early 30s; made connections and lost important people in my life; where I met my partner; and where my daughter was born early in the morning not far from the shores of Lake Superior. Duluth has a special meaning to me, and more practically speaking it’s where the Duluth Perinatal office is located. Pretty straight forward, right?

Perinatal. The second name of a private therapy practice created to meet the needs of people here (and near here) specializing in pregnancy and postpartum support, healing from birth trauma, adjusting to life after baby, and couple therapy especially for new parents. Some of these concerns are professionally known as perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) and include experiences such as postpartum anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and psychosis. By definition, perinatal refers to the period of time from pregnancy through the first year of life after giving birth. However our services are also available for people who struggle to get or stay pregnant; those navigating the grief, anxiety, stress, and uncertainty that fertility challenges present.

Pregnancy and postpartum have been great passions of mine for over a decade. This passion encouraged me to pursue a Master's degree in marriage and family therapy; obtain licensure as a marriage and family therapist; and most recently become certified as a perinatal mental health specialist (PMH-C). My passion was again ignited when I became pregnant, after several years of battling idiopathic infertility, and gave birth to my daughter.

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Navigating all the changes, the good and hard ones, related to expanding your family is can be a lot. This part of a family's life is a time of great change - physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and as it relates to one's identity. Prioritizing sleep, learning all the ways to care for yourself and your child, reaching out and allowing others to support you... these are just some of the things that can be incredibly overwhelming while also blissfully wonderful.

Getting connected to a therapist pre-pregnancy can help optimize your mental health so you can enter the next chapter of your life prepared and knowledgeable about the risks for PMADs, treatment options, and intentional preparation for a pivotal life experience.

Connecting with a therapist during pregnancy can help you navigate the changes happening personally and interpersonally, which can lead to new or worsened mental health difficulties.

Therapy postpartum is important as 1 in 7 women and 1 in 10 men (if not more!) experience perinatal mood and anxiety disorders which come on suddenly postpartum, even for people who have never had mental health difficulties before. Birth trauma happens in up to one third of women - healing is possible.

Working on your relationship before, during, or after disconnection is vital to restore secure attachment between partners.

Duluth Perinatal is here for you. Not only that but it is our mission to work with and alongside community organizations and others in the wellness and birth communities, offer education, and in the near future offer support and therapeutic groups. We're just getting started, and cannot wait to meet you!

Support - Healing - Connection

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